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DMC Light Effects Floss

DMC's Light Effects line is a glistening collection of specialty threads that will add light and reflective qualities to any needlework or craft project. The Light Effects threads work wonderfully when used in combination with cotton DMC Embroidery Floss, since both strands are the same thickness. Stitchers can work with 1 to 6 strands, either alone or in combination with floss or other needle craft threads. Using a color numbering system that easily corresponds to the popular cotton DMC Embroidery Floss you can add a subtle highlight to your stitching by combining one strand of cotton floss with one strand of Light Effects. Or for a more vibrant look, you can easily substitute Light Effects for its matching shade in cotton DMC Floss (since they have a corresponding color numbering system.) This will result in a bolder sparkle in your project. The thread is a polyester metallic and viscose blend that is washable, dry cleanable and resistant to tarnish.